VinBigData Joint Stock Company

Vietnamese Technology for Vietnam’s Future

VinBigData JSC was founded as part of a key strategic development for Vingroup’s goal of becoming a world-class Technology – Industrials – Services corporation, with technology taking center stage. Thanks to the competitive advantage of large-scale database, VinBigData provides cutting-edge products and platform solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence with world-class quality, supporting enterprises to accelerate digital transformation, optimize operation and business efficiency as well as enhance end-user experience.

Company History

The Big Data Institute

The Big Data Insstitute (a member of Vingroup) was founded in August 2018 which focuses on application-oriented fundamental research in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, simultaneously implementing science – technology sponsoring and training activities with an aim of enhancing the quality of Vietnam high-tech human resources.

VinBigData Joint Stock Company

VinBigData Joint Stock Company was established based on the Institute of Big Data’s scientific achievements in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (especially in image and language processing). Our company focuses on the delivery of a number of high-tech products such as ViVi (smart Voice Assistant), AI Camera, VinDr (a comprehensive AI solution for medical imaging analysis),… etc.

Vision - Mission


Our overarching vision is to become a technology company which provides advanced technology products and platform solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Thus we contribute to developing Vingroup – a world-class Technology – Industry – Services corporation, in which technology takes center stage.


VinBigData defines “Vietnamese Technology for Vietnam’s Future” as our mission during formation and development. Therefore, VinBigdata commits to contribute to creating “Vietnam’s products for all Vietnamese” which are Vingroup ecosystem meeting international standards, bettering Vietnamese life quality and making Vietnam’s brands gain a foothold on the world production map.

Core Values

With elite people and outstanding AI & Big Data technologies, VinBigData builds products that deliver excellent customer experience, automate operations for all businesses at a reasonable cost.

Product Ecosystem

Comprehensive virtual assistant ViVi

With the advantage of native language, ViVi is capable of recognizing Vietnamese with 98% accuracy for common words

Level 4 self-driving electric car

Level 4 self-driving electric car with large payload of 23 seats

No 1

CheXpert competition
organized by Stanford
University in 2019

No 1

Abnormal Image
Detection in Endoscopy Videos (EndoCV), 2020

Top 03

Pulmonary Embolism
Detection Challenge,
organized by the Radiological, Society of North America
(RSNA), 2020

Top 10

Intracranial Hemorrhage
Detection Challenge on CT scans, organized by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), 2019

Our Leadership

Gather a team of leading scientists in Vietnam and worldwide to solve the challenges facing Vietnamese people

GS. Vũ Hà Văn
Prof. Van Ha Vu

Vice President cum CSO

TS. Đào Đức Minh
Dr. Minh Duc Dao

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Anh Kim Nguyen

CPO cum Head of Voice Assistant Division

Dr. Ha Quy Nguyen

Managing Director of Big Data Institute

cum Head of Image Processing Division

Ms. Lien Phuong Thi Nguyen

Chief Marketing Officer

Ms. Thuy Ha Nguyen

Head of Human resource and Administration

Why choose VinBigData?

Optimize technologies to solve customers’ problems

Vietnamese big data infrastructure

VinBigData owns competitive advantage of big data infrastructure which is multi-disciplinary and characteristic of the Vietnamese. Along with the capacity of big data analysis, computing and processing, this is a premise for us to successfully develop technology solutions that “understand” the Vietnamese consumers, effectively serving the whole Vietnam’s community and fairly compete with similar technology products in the domestic and international markets.

Top technology products

With advanced core technologies which are proven by over 50 international awards and publications, as well as Vietnamese big data infrastructure, VinBigData products are the right solutions to the practical business problems.

Multi-disciplinary implementation experience

VinBigData’s technology solutions have been implemented in Vingroup’s multi-disciplinary ecosystem, supporting businesses in digital transformation, operation cost reduction, revenue optimization and end-user experience enhancement

International standard delivering process

The process of deployment and technology integration is carried out by VinBigData according to international standards. Based on the analysis of actual situations and business requirements of each enterprise, our products and technology solutions are optimized, tested, evaluated and maintained after implementation.

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