What is chatbot? Here is all you need to know

Do you know that chatbot is currently one of the most efficient tools to finalize purchase orders and optimize customer service? However, not everyone understands about chatbots and the most prevalent types of chatbots, as well as how to use them as efficiently as possible. This article serves to provide readers with some basic information about chatbots and why they are truly the solution to business optimization.

1. What is a chatbot?

To put it as simply as possible, a chatbot is a computer program that integrates artificial intelligence and natural language processing in order to offer customers a human-like conversation experience.

Chatbots can be categorized into the three most prominent types as follows:

  • Buttons: Chatbots operate based on a pre-defined script and are presented in a menu form. Button chatbots require users to make some choices to navigate more deeply into the conversation.
  • Intent & entity: Those chatbots rely on the identification of keywords to interpret user commands and utilize AI technology to provide a suitable response.
  • Contextual: They are developed based on Machine Learning (ML) and AI technology and so are able to memorize chat history with users. This means that they can gradually improve their ability to engage in meaningful conversations.
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3 most prominent types of chatbots

 2. How do chatbots work?

Chatbots converse and interact with users via texts or voices. Almost all chatbots operate based on a general process as follows:

  • Translator: Requests from users, after being input into an intermediary chat interface, are translated into a programming language so that computers can understand the tasks that need to be done.
  • Processor: In this stage, AI technology in combination with Natural Language Processing processes user requests.
  • Respondent: Computer receives results from the AI algorithms and responds to users via the intermediary chat interface.

The contents of an answer can be extracted from the following sources:

  • A pre-defined set of scripts
  • Contextual information based on databases taken from real life
  • Databases that are pre-stored by a company
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Operations of a chatbot system

3. Popular types of chatbots in the present

With the bewildering speed of technological developments, there have been many chatbots being newly introduced to satisfy business demands. In a general sense, chatbots can be classified into 2 types as follows:

Sales chatbots

Those types of chatbots can be deployed on websites and social media fan pages to replace an actual salesperson. Normally, they will help manage customer messages and also comments that show clear intention to buy a product. The advantage of sales chatbots is that they can reply to messages at a very high speed and are not likely to miss any customer. Many types of chatbots right now even support updating new information to customers and automatically creating purchase orders.

Customer service chatbots

Those types of chatbots are normally used by large enterprises as a first step in online customer service. They are trained on answers found in a pre-defined script and ready to transfer the conversation to salespeople for further consulting and purchase order finalization. Many current smart customer service chatbots have the ability to automatically learn from new questions and answers to converse with customers as naturally as possible. Conversations with customers will also be stored to form detailed statistical analysis in the future.

4. Benefits of using chatbots

According to a research from Uberall, 80% of users reported having a positive shopping experience with chatbots. 69% consumers reported that they loved to use chatbots because they help them connect with a business faster (Salesforce). Those statistics serve to prove that chatbots provide huge benefits to business activities.

Attracting new customers

With the ability to process millions of messages simultaneously, chatbot is a wonderful tool to provide customers with a shortcut to your product. Using chatbot will also offer you a lot of useful statistical data about consumer psychology, their preferences and shopping behaviors, which you can use to adjust products and discount programs more suitably.

Increasing customer satisfaction rate 

As customers access your website and fan-page for the first time in search of a product, the first thing to do is to keep them interested and engaged. Chatbots are excellent in this task. Customers can easily receive information about their desired products, as chatbots operate 24/7 and will always be there to help them without any physical or time restriction.

Boosting profits

This is perfectly understandable because instead of having to spend tremendously on manpower for customer service, businesses can divert resources to more important activities, and in the process create more profits.


Currently, chatbots have been personalized to such an extent that they can know very exactly the preferences, needs, and shopping behaviors of customers. Based on such data, you can deploy viral chatbots to send messages directly to customers’ inbox without making them feel offended as if they had received spam.

5. Current chatbot platforms that are worth a try

There are many types of chatbot platforms in the market right now with different prices and features. In Vietnam, even though many chatbot platforms have been advertised to bring about breakthrough business efficiency, in reality only a few chatbots are thoroughly researched and actually solve business problems.


VinBot is a comprehensive chatbot platform which is researched and developed by foremost AI specialists at the VinBigData. The objective of VinBot is to offer customers and end users the optimal experience. With the ability to handle 1000+ messages at the same time, VinBot supports service with no constraints in the number of customers. VinBot also focuses on gathering and analyzing data about customer behaviors, and as a result provides statistical analysis which businesses can make use of for their marketing strategies.


This platform allows the automatic creation of viral chatbots, which can by itself answer messages and comments from customers and send remarketing messages. Users can easily create a script for automatic answering by using mind maps and can extract basic information like emails or phone numbers for better customer service. Besides, the free version of Ahachat allows businesses to use without any limit on the number of customers.


Hana can be regarded as one of the most prominent chatbot platforms currently in Vietnam. Besides supporting automatic answer of customer messages and comments, Hana helps you to improve customer service capabilities and create efficient 0-VND marketing strategies. Last but not least, Hana’s interface is easy to use and customer-friendly, which helps users to create scripts just by memorizing a few simple steps.


This platform helps you to automate the sales and marketing processes. With the ability to process on average 10 messages a second, businesses can easily utilize NovaOnX for customer service. It also allows companies to analyze data, take care of customers based on scripts and hide negative comments from competitors.

6. Summary

Above are the most basic concepts that you need to grasp before deciding to use chatbots for your business activities. Besides such knowledge, you need to find a chatbot services company that can provide you with valuable advice instead of opting for cheaper and less dependable chatbot platforms that produce no visible benefits. VinBigData, with a solid technological foundation from Vietnam’s foremost professors, provides businesses with not only the tools they need but also the trust and consultation of leading scientists.

Contact us for our shared objectives.

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