AI chatbot is so much more than a traditional one and here are the reasons

Chatbot is a modern technology widely used by numerous enterprises today to support them to carry out conversations automatically with its fast response speed and accurate information provided to users. However, due to the diversity of languages, chatbots sometimes provide inappropriate answers or even cannot make a reply. Along with the development of the digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being applied in many areas of life and chatbots are no exception. By applying AI, chatbots are considered to be overcoming the limitations of their previous generations. Let’s find out what an AI chatbot is and the advantages of AI chatbot compared to traditional chatbots through the article below.

What is a chatbot and its uses?

What is a chatbot?

When you want to find out information about a fanpage on Facebook, you can send a message to that fanpage and you will probably receive an immediate response. Such messages may not come from the fanpage administrator but from chatbot. A chatbot, also known as a talkbot, a chatterbot, etc., is a software application designed for the purpose of conducting an automated conversation. The chatbot firstly receives written information, then analyzes that information to understand the requests of the customer, and finally provides the answer in real time like a real fanpage manager.

Uses of chatbots

Chatbot is a type of online chat conversation favored by fanpages because of its fast response speed, with accurate pre-installed information. Hence, this chat type provides a better experience for fanpage visitors when they do not need to wait too long to receive the desired answer. Additionally, chatbots help businesses save time and costs for customer care services because there is no requirement for a great number of human resources to answer the questions of numerous customers. Therefore, using a chatbot can help a business to focus on more specialized tasks.

What is an AI chatbot?

Although the name “chatbot” is well-known, AI chatbots are relatively new to enterprises. So, what exactly is an AI chatbot?

AI chatbot is a special type of chatbot built on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models. By this way, it can analyze the conversations, filtering out particular keywords to understand what the user is looking for. Then, it communicates with the user in natural language like a real human. With AI chatbots, users do not need to follow a specific process or enter questions following a predefined script as ​when using a traditional chatbot.

What advantages does an AI chatbot have in comparison with traditional chatbots?

Limitations of traditional chatbots

Chatbots have appeared for almost a decade, and most of them are rule-based types. These forms of chatbot respond to consumers based on predefined rules in the conversation. That means the user must select from the available options or ask questions that match the scenarios that the chatbots already know. Otherwise, these traditional chatbots would provide confusing and incorrect answers or even no responses.

Over-reliance on templated scripts makes communication between chatbots and users stereotyped. Therefore, most users are not completely satisfied with these types of conversations. The main reason is that human conversational style and language ability are very diverse. They would like to ask the question in different ways with different meanings and desires for the same issue.

Is it possible for an AI chatbot to overcome these obstacles?

Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant progress in research and product development. With chatbots, artificial intelligence is used to analyze and understand thoroughly the features of natural human conversation and overcome the drawbacks of older generation chatbots.

Based on artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, along with machine learning (ML) technology, chatbots can understand, analyze and self-learn from natural human conversations. Because of acquiring the ability to self-study languages accumulated from real conversations, chatbots become more flexible and approachable as human beings. Users can express their intentions and questions, then the AI chatbot will analyze keywords to give natural answers. As a result, users no longer have to follow the rules or ask mechanically scripted questions and still get satisfactory answers.

Furthermore, thanks to natural language processing (NLP) technology, AI chatbots can perceive user intent through sentences and therefore, the response is more accurate. It means that users are able to freely express everything in their own way while AI chatbots will adapt to the user’s language, recognize the user’s desires in a smart way, and give a reasonable answer.

In addition, as AI and ML development is being pushed, this state-of-the-art chatbot will gain many more capabilities such as answering questions, gathering data, scheduling appointments, and so on. Hence, AI chatbots will become an integrated tool for businesses to create and improve their customer care services.

What are the benefits of using an AI chatbot in a company’s ecosystem?

One of the most crucial aspects in running a business is taking care of clients. The reason is that customer care service is inextricably linked to the user’s experience and final purchasing decision, both of which contribute to the company’s long-term income and profit. Therefore, businesses of any size need to appreciate and constantly enhance this service.

Thus, companies should equip AI chatbots to help answer questions quickly and increase customer experience. In addition, an AI chatbot can interact with customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week that humans cannot do. Moreover, AI chatbots minimize information errors, especially in cases where a large number of customers need advising. Using AI chatbot also helps businesses save money and time for customer care service. As a result, manpower and resources can be allocated to more specialized jobs.

AI chatbot giúp doanh nghiêp gia tăng trải nghiệm khách hàng

AI chatbot with fast response speed, accurate answers and increased customer experience

According to a Harvard Business Review survey in the United States, customers rated their satisfaction after interactions with chatbots higher than chats with employees.

Businesses can easily integrate AI chatbot with their social networking sites, or communication channels. This is a solid foundation for maintaining positive relationships with targeted customers and turning them into loyal ones.

VinBot: AI Chatbot creation platform developed by VinBigdata

VinBot is a technology solution that aims to provide a platform to help businesses design and train chatbots so that the chatbots can understand the features of the businesses, and respond to user questions fluently and accurately. Moreover, VinBot can be integrated into a variety of communication channels, such as websites, social network Facebook, Zalo, and others depending on business trends of enterprises. After a time of implementation with the multi-disciplinary ecosystem at Vingroup, VinBot has demonstrated to be a product worth investing in with numerous outstanding advantages.

  • Multi-language support: In addition to supporting conversations in Vietnamese, VinBot also has the ability to create conversations with a variety of popular languages ​​​​in the world such as English, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Multi-channel connection: Not only providing chatbots for familiar platforms like Facebook or Messenger, VinBot also helps businesses integrate multi-channel AI chatbot with other conversation platforms with only a few steps.
  • Unlimited extension: Using the cloud computing platform allows unlimited scaling, with the ability to process more than 10,000 tasks simultaneously, VinBot completely meets the growing demand for answering questions for businesses.
  • Multidisciplinary experience: VinBot has the experience in deploying chatbots for Vingroup’s multidisciplinary ecosystem in the fields of healthcare, education, manufacturing, trade and services.
  • User-friendly interface: VinBot has a friendly interface, simple operation, multi-function system, allowing business to manage customers quickly and easily.
  • Operations optimization and smart administration: VinBot allows chatbot administrators to view chatbot’s activity history, analyze data and export statistical reports. In addition, organizations can also collect, manage and store customer information, customer messages; statistics as well as send mass messages to customers when necessary.

The above article has clarified what an AI chatbot is and how it outstands traditional chatbots. AI chatbot is considered a new factor to help optimize business operations. With increasing intelligence and flexibility thanks to superior core technologies, AI chatbot is expected to become an indispensable part of businesses that can take care of customers anytime, anywhere and minimize expenses. So, why not equip your business with an AI chatbot today?

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