Make paperwork processing automatic and simple with VinOCR

VinOCR is the solution system supporting detection, recognition and extraction of information from images, objects, handwriting, documents, templates, with a high accuracy rate in a short period of time. The solution system can be applied in multiple disciplines, digitalize user experience, increase conversion rates and reduce risks for businesses.

Smartly process documents in seconds

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Support various type of documents

Outstanding features

Face Recognition

Identify and verify users by comparing facial features from digital images and videos with faces from database

Online Document Verification

Verify most valid identity documents under Vietnam laws online such as ID Card, Passport, Driving License, Registration Book, etc. In addition, VinOCR also supports a variety of documents invoices, forms, handwriting, etc.

Fraud Detection

Ensure to detech most insufficient documents for registering: forged, blurred, cut, amended, expired papers, etc.

Integration process

Download free: Deep Learning application in Pediatric Chest X-ray interpretation 

Why choose VinOCR?

High accuracy

Apply advanced deep learning algorithms for service scenario to achieve high accuracy in character recognition

Remarkable Capability

Recognize characters and numbers in many formats with complex backgrounds, closed and interlaced characters and numbers, etc


Experience deploying applications in many complex situations, with a variety of enterprise sizes


Provide standard API integration, offering high compatibility and easy-to-use capability

Clients & Partners

Success stories

tính năng OCR

VinOCR helps check-in without receptionists, promoting CiHMS hotel management solution

The OCR feature, developed by VinBigData, is integrated with CiHMS hotel management solution to “digitize information”, unifying data from all hotel management and operation. Project Detail Implement VinOCR integrated with CiHMS hotel management application on smartphones, helping to digitally transform the processes of handling paperwork and managing hotel customer information on the system with a…

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