Comprehensive Camera Solution for Businesses

Smart Camera System address all needs, suit any business scale and help optimize enterprise operations. Applied cutting-edge technology and superior artificial intelligence (AI), the solution can work effectively in any environment with high accuracy.

Accurate surveillance, easy management with optimal cost

Accuracy up to 99%
Optimizing Cost
Optimize cost of investment
Easily integrated with 3rd party. Customize to fit customer’s demands​

Outstanding features


  • People counting​
  • Heatmap​
  • Vehicle counting​
  • Object counting (as per request)​

Face Recognition

  • Face detection​
  • Identify unique visits​
  • Face matching​
  • Identify strangers​
  • Alert & Warning​

Face Attibute & Behavior Analysis

  • Emotion recognition
  • Face recognition over face mask
  • Gender/Age estimation 
  • Behavior recognition (knife/sword bringing, hostile behavior, etc.)

Object Recognition​

  • Pet detection​
  • Neglected objects detection​
  • Oversized objects detection (in elevator)​
  • Strange object detection​
  • Abnormal movement detection & tracking​
  • Illegal parking detection​

Integration process

Download free: Application of AI in spinal diagnosis

Why choose VisionAI?

High Accuracy

Appied cutting-edge technologies and AI algorithms to identify, analyze, count and warn with high accuracy.

Suitability For a Variety of Needs

With a list of outstanding features, the system can address a wide range of corporate needs, from security and safety monitoring to business and marketing support, etc. It can be deployed on any enterprises scale.

Automatic Monitoring

VisionAI supports security monitoring, automatically gives warnings when diagnosing an emergency, prevents many bad situations before they happen, thus ensuring absolute safety.

Easy Integration

The system can operate independently or integrate with a 3rd party, flexibly according to the needs of enterprises.

User-friendly Interface

The interface is easy to use, allowing to customize information, statistics and build reports according to your needs.

Cutting-edge technology

Based on cutting-edge technology, VisionAI can work in all environmental conditions such as low light, large tilt angle, blurred image, etc.


Success stories

AI Camera Grand World Phú Quốc
logo vinpearl

Advanced AI Camera System optimizes business operations and automates customer management cycle at the leading smart resort complex in Southeast Asia – Grand World Phu Quoc. Scale AI Camera Monitoring System with intelligent features and unlimited scalability Total area of Grand World Phu Quoc: 800.000m2​ Average No. of Visitors 20.000 visitors/day Detail Description Hardware installation…

Scale Total area of Vincom Times City: 200.000m2​ Average No. of Visitors 126.000 visitors/day Project Detail Supplied Service & Product​ Visitors Counting & Analyzing system at Vincom: Total visitors at different areas​ Identify & measure the number of old/new visitors​ Determine peak time frame of specific areas.​ Determine the number of customers at each area…

camera thông minh
camera thông minh

Smart Camera System is deployed in 3 leading megacities: Vinhomes Grand Park, Vinhomes Ocean Park and Vinhomes Smart City to support security and safety for residents living in buildings. Applying advanced technologies to identify and track the movement of vehicles and objects and analyze object recognition characteristics, the system can operate in all different environmental…

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