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VinBigData Joint Stock Company was established in September 2021 as the result of Vingroup Big Data Institute’s scientific research achievements in Artificial Intelligence (especially in imaging analysis and language processing). Our overarching vision is to become a technology company which provides world-class technology products and platform solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We are currently looking for a Senior Product Owner to join Virtual Assistant Center.

The job holder is responsible for developing and maximizing the value of the product. As a product owner, the job holder closely works with the product development team to deliver a high-quality product to customers. The job holder has responsibilities across product management (solution design, solution development, testing, marketing, evaluation and refinements), business analysis and user experience to deliver on the customer value proposition within the business. The job holder owns the product vision and roadmap of deliverables with accompanying profit and loss accountability.


  • Working with stakeholders on the strategy, product vision, product roadmap and goals;
  • Researching and analyzing market opportunities, customers, business cases for the product;
  • Take charge of defining solution epics, user stories and specific business acceptance criteria with cross-functional development team.
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to define project scope and objectives.
  • Break project scope down into executable tasks, to be assigned with time stone, backlog management;
  • Develop detailed project plans to monitor and track progress;
  • Manage changes to project scope, schedule, including impact analysis;
  • Adopt and embrace Agile/Scrum practices during the product development process/life cycle.
  • Lead the Agile/Scrum product development teams, set, prioritize and evaluate product features backlog.
  • Provide vision and direction to the development team and stakeholders throughout the project and create requirements.
  • Lead product planning release plans and set the expectation for the delivery of new functionalities.


  • Having business senses and presentation skill.
  • 02+ years experience as a Product Owner, having knowledge and experience on developing product is preferred.
  • Strong understanding of the customer journey and how to map out user flows.
  • The ability to communicate fluently in English.
  • Having in-depth knowledge and experience of Agile methodologies.
  • Sharp analytical andproblem-solving skills.
  • Ability to multi-task and work under pressure.
  • Outstanding leadership, organizational, conflict resolution and time management skills.
  • Ability to interpret technological requirements and communicate them to technical and non-technical customers (internal and external).

Compensation and Benefits

  • Top market salary
  • Private health insurance cover for VinMec and top hospitals in VN
  • The preferences when using the services of the Vingroup’s member companies: such as VinFast, VinPearl, VinMec, VinSchool, etc.
  • Training course and certificates
  • Team building/company trips
  • Opportunities to join a diverse and inclusive team (our team is from Amazon, Google, LinkedIn and many other top companies in Vietnam)
  • And many more!


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