VinBase APIs

Comprehensive data and AI platform

The services provided include: Automatic Speech Recognition technology (ASR), Text-To-Speech (TTS), Natural Language Processing (NLP) provided to users on the cloud computing platform.

VinBase APIs enhance customer experience

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Low error rate
Instant feedback
High accuracy

Outstanding features

Speech recognition technology

  • The wake-up feature allows quality accuracy of up to 90%
  • Multi-domain speech recognition with up to 91% accuracy
  • Convert/imitate voice with just 5 seconds of signal

Text-to-speech technology

  • Controlling intonation and emotion in artificial voices
  • Suitable for many different fields: Finance – Banking, Hospitality, Retail,…
  • Multi-channel integration: On – Cloud or On-Premises

Natural Language Processing Technology

  • Convert/imitate voice with just 5 seconds of cue
  • Voice biometrics recognizes speakers for both good (16k) and poor quality (tele-8k) signal sources with an average quality of 92%
  • Small installation size, less than 100Mb

Communicate with customers naturally and flexibly

  • Provide support services according to customer emotions (positive/negative/neutral)
  • Synthesize and evaluate the quality of the dialogue

Conversation Management

Free Download: "Annotated Chest X-ray Open Dataset"

Why choose VinBase APIs?


The cloud computing platform allows for unlimited expansion, with the ability to handle more than 10,000 concurrent requests


Chatbot automatically remembers search history and analyzes customer feedback to make suggestions according to interests then send information to improve service quality

Extensive industry

An in-depth knowledge base across multiple disciplines helps develop multidisciplinary scenarios. Customers can choose chatbots that provide either general knowledge or specialized knowledge

Cross-Platform Deployment

Chatbots can be deployed on multi-channels, connected to existing conversation platforms, or easily integrated with third parties, helping to optimize the experience and service quality.

Success stories

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