Smart ecosystem for medical imaging

Optimize the storage, transmission, processing and analysis of medical image data with intelligent solutions and services integrated artificial intelligence and cloud computing. VinDr aims to be a reliable AI-powered assistant for doctors to make fast and precise diagnoses, thus improving the quality of medical examination and treatment, as well as the efficiency of medical data management in hospitals.

VinDr contributes to improving the quality of medical examination and treatment as well as enhancing the public health

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VinDr AI

Comprehensive AI solution for medical imaging

Developed based on advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, VinDr AI is capable of automatically diagnosing diseases and localizing abnormalities on 07 types of images, including: chest X-ray, mammography, spine X-ray, chest CT, liver CT, brain CT and brain MRI, with an average accuracy of over 90%. The solution aims to become a reliable AI-powered assistant for doctors to make fast and precise diagnoses, thus enhancing the quality of medical examination and treatment, as well as improving public health


Smart solution for medical image management

Integrating all RIS/PACS/Cloud and CAD solution in one product, VinDr PACS is an effective assistant for radiologists to manage scans, readings DICOM images and prepare reports, etc. In particular, the solution supports multi-site diagnosis, performs analyzing multiple studies at the same time, across multiple devices. The model can be scaled up or down flexibly to suit all medical facilities from clinics to general hospitals.

VinDr Lab

Labeling solution for medical AI

Integrated advanced annotation tools, VinDr Lab supports doctors’ workflow and data cycle management. The solution allows to annotate DICOM images with Bounding Box, Polygon or Brush. The software source code is now open to the community to eliminate difficulties that engineers and organizations encountered while building AI-based medical solutions.

Medical Image Labeling Service

With the participation of over 100 experienced radiologists, the medical image data labeling service provided by VinBigData ensures high accuracy, quality, speed with optimal cost. Services can be implemented flexibly with VinBigData’s advanced labeling tools or customer tools, to effectively support parties in developing AI-based medical solutions.

Download free: VinDr-CXR: An open dataset of chest X-rays with radiologists' annotations

Why choose VinDr?

Comprehensive technology and database

With a dataset of over half a million medical images collected from major hospitals across the country, the products of VinDr ecosystem are developed based on the most advanced technologies. In particular, the artificial intelligence model that automatically detects and localizes lesions VinDr AI has proven its superiority with a variety of international awards.

Leading experts and engineers

VinDr ecosystem is developed by a team of leading Vietnamese experts and engineers from prestigious international universities with proven scientific and technological awards, honors and publications. The research and product development have been conducted in consultation of more than 100 experienced radiologists from major hospitals in the country.

Flexible deployment

VinDr offers a flexibility between cloud and on-premise deployments, or a hybrid of them, depending on the requirements of the hospitals or clinics. Currently, VinDr has been deployed in dozens of hospitals and clinics, contributing to improving the medical examination and treatment quality in healthcare system nationwide.


Success stories

Developed based on a dataset of nearly half a million studies with detailed lesion labels and disease conclusions from major hospitals in Vietnam, VinDr AI helps radiologists accurately detect and localize many types of abnormalities in chest, mammo and spine. Meanwhile, to provide doctors the best support, the solution also marks the studies by color:…

No 1

CheXpert competition organized by Stanford University in 2019

No 1

Abnormal Image Detection in Endoscopy Videos (EndoCV), 2020

Top 03

Pulmonary Embolism Detection Challenge organized by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), 2020

Top 10

Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection Challenge on CT scans organized by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), 2019

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